Thursday, January 10, 2008

Super Thursday

January 10th must be quite THE day to be born. :) Today Frank turns four AND Bernie turns eight (Kate was born a week later right between these two birthday kids)! What fun! I always have to laugh when I think of Bernie's fourth birthday. She was absolutely thrilled to get a baby brother for her birthday - and still loves sharing a birthday with him (though she often has a joint birthday party with Terri, whose birthday is in a few weeks). It seems so silly to me, all the questions people asked about how she's "handling" sharing a birthday with her brother. What were they thinking?

ALSO, their cousin Kateri turns six today AND I just discovered that they share a birthday with Elizabeth Foss too. Happy Birthday all!


And one of my favorite bloggers celebrates her first blogging birthday today (can it be only a year????).

Oh, and of course, don't forget that we're still hosting book giveaways here for love2learn's 10th birthday. Lots more fun goodies to come there in the next few weeks - the response from authors, publishers and retailers has been terrific!


Elizabeth Foss said...

Happy, happy birthday to your children today! And thanks for your wishes for my day.

Matilda said...

Happy Birthday Frank and Bernie from deep in the heart of Texas!

You are so sweet! I hope you are having a wonderful time celebrating today! I didn't really know what a joyful day today was when I picked it to start this adventure. Thanks for your kind words!