Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nerd Tester

My brother came up with this little quiz based on a "statement" he saw somewhere:

Read the following statement slowly and then remember your reaction.

"There are only 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't."

1) If you are confused by this then you are a normal. Be happy :)

2) If you read this as a joke and are not at all confused then you are a little nerdy but can still function in society

3) If you read this and it makes complete sense to you and you don’t even know why I am talking about a joke then you are the most super duper nerd of all time

4) If you already googled this to try and understand it then you are automatically upgraded to slightly nerdy :)

I'm a two - wait, make that a ten. :)


M.E. said...

Very funny! I'll share this with my husband, a computer nerd, uh, that is, computer guy.

Where does it put me on the nerdy scale if I can count to 31 in binary using the fingers of just one hand? Because, I can. :-)

(And I bet I'm not the only person you know who can do that...!)

Anonymous said...

Very good... but this is rather like the "'Whose' on first" joke. It works because it is not notated correctly, just as the other works because it is spoken, not written. (There's supposed to be a subscript "2" after the one, zero, or it will be read as "ten"...)

I guess this kind of comment (an complex analysis of a nerd joke) puts me into mega-nerd category, but that's fine. Mega means BIG in Greek and I am big. Some people think that computer scientists are nerds; that may be true - I cannot say. I have a doctorate in it so I have /**/ (this is from "C" and is read "no comment").

But binary is a lot of fun, quite useful, and leads one to to talk about Boolean Algebra and all kinds of interesting things - like logic.

Yes, we all ought to thank God for George Boole. You may wish to see what I wrote some time ago about those two important numbers (zero and one), here.

Perhaps next time Ria or the Chester-Teens need a Chesterton poem they ought to go for "True Sympathy or Prevention Of Cruelty To Teachers " which contains that brilliant verse:

"I wore my Soul's Awakening smile
I felt it was my duty:
Lo! Logic works by Barbara
And life is ruled by Beauty."

And you'll need all 32 of your fingers to figure that out... Hee hee.

--Dr. Thursday

Love2Learn Mom said...

Too funny - M.E. That's pretty much the conversation that went on among my siblings after we took the quiz.

Dr. T - Well, we're pretty fond of nerds, mega-nerds and super-duper nerds around here. :)

Nice to hear from you!

Stina said...

I guess I would be a two since I get the joke. I understand the concept of binary, but I couldn't "read" it. But my husband has a binary clock, so does that make me Mega Nerdy by association?