Sunday, January 20, 2008

I May Have Been Complaining About the Weather Today...

but I'm getting a huge kick out of the football talking heads lined up at Lambeau Field and showing off their frozen-solid drinking water and their crazy cold weather headgear.

And the game hasn't started yet. :)

Go Packers!


Margaret in Minnesota said...

I know it! My husband & I were laughing about this--some of them can hardly get the words out.

Easy for us to laugh, though, sitting on our you-know-whats in a heated living room.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

PS. Yes, go Packers!

Love2Learn Mom said...

True, true, but Howie, Terry, and Jimmy aren't exactly sitting outside for the whole game either. :)

I do feel a bit sorry for the Giants who beat the Cowboys for us, only to get tormented at Lambeau. They're doing pretty decently, though.