Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Frank and the Pizza

Frank was having a hard day yesterday - still tired out from our weekend extended-family excursion to an indoor waterpark resort (a very fun Christmas present from my in-laws). Anyway, we decided to order Domino's Pizza for dinner last night as it had been a hectic day and I still had to run Ria to a music class last night and John was a bit on the late side getting home (and his cell phone was dead).

The kiddos were all lining up with chairs around the kitchen counter in eager anticipation of the feast, at which time John arrived home from work. Unfortunately, Frank rather crankily demanded Kate's chair and, in fact, pulled it out from under her. This got him sent to the corner with the knowledge that he would get served pizza after all of his siblings were served. When he was finally perched on his chair I started to show him the options and ended up asking if he wanted the same kind of pizza as Gus or the same kind of pizza as Bernie or whatever.

He answered, "I don't want the same kind as anyone."

(Lots of giggling from the peanut gallery)

By this time John was just taking his coat off in the front hall.

Me: "What kind of pizza would you like?"

Frank: "I want the kind Daddy's gonna have!"

(Still giggles)

We all looked at John and I asked him what kind he would like. When he answered "pepperoni", Frank quite happily accepted a piece of the same for himself. :)

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