Friday, December 28, 2007

New Love2learn Site is Up!

We went live late last night at with the new fully-featured automated site. We're working on a lot of adjustments and corrections still, but even with that qualification there are loads of improvements over the old site including many updated reviews, updated supplier information, a new prayer request section and an automated system for updating links in many categories (I'll be adding a lot more of these today - a good project for a very snowy day!).

We'll have our grand opening in a week or two and will continue to use this blog for new reviews for a time (continue to check both sites for review until we get all of the reviews on this blog transferred over), but in the mean time the site is fully functional.

Many, many thanks to Suchi Myjak (author of Behold and See 3 from Catholic Heritage Curricula) for spear-heading the entire automation process with her software expertise (and for a lot of patience in working through the entire process) and for taking on the tough role of technical administrator.

Oh yeah, and one more important thing I almost forgot. now has an RSS feed, so you can either plug the entire site ( into your Google Reader or Bloglines or whatever to keep track of updates (though it will be a bit messy for the next week or so as we continue to make adjustments or corrections) OR choose an RSS feed for a particular subject that you'd like to keep track of. Joy!!!

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