Monday, December 03, 2007

Homeschool Blog Awards

Well, it's that time of year again and I hope you all take a peek at the Homeschool Blog Awards. To me, these are about discovering new blogs and giving people a chance to look at the different faces of homeschooling. I've already had the pleasure of at least one new commenter who I suspect discovered Studeo through the nominations list!

When you see the amazing array of my fellow-nominees in the Homeschool Mom Blog category, I think you'll understand why I sincerely don't have the desire to ask you to vote for me (That first one, in particular, that's currently in the lead, truly deserves to be there! Wow!).

Especially Heather
Less of me ~ More of Him
A Path Made Straight
On Our Journey Westward
Here in the Bonny Glen
Large Family Mothering
The Thinking Mother
By Sun and Candlelight
Our Homeschool and Other Such Happenings
Training Hearts
Just Some Stuff
Cottage Blessings
Higher Up and Further In
Eclectic Education
SoCalVal – Just 4 Homeschool Families
Sand Between My Toes
Robin’s Egg Blue
Riverbend Prep
Preschoolers and Peace
HsKubes’ Haven at Home
Janne’s Jabberwocky
Along the Narrow Path


Alice Gunther said...

You are the best mom in the world!!!

Thanks for the mention--I was honored to be nominated too!

Karen E. said...

Congratulations, Alicia, and you are definitely in excellent company, as are the other moms!