Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Frank is very happy with his candy cane and his new hat, but maybe he got up just a little too early. :)
By the way, celebrating St. Nicholas Day is a local cultural phenomena in the Milwaukee area. Instead of opening stockings on Christmas (as I did when I was a child), pretty much everyone in the area puts their stockings out on the evening of December 5th. My husband grew up with this tradition and I really like it - and I love it that we have it in common with our neighbors and local extended family. The kids usually get something along the lines of a candy cane, a small bag of chocolate, some cold weather gear (like slippers or a hat) and maybe a small stuffed animal or doll (generally saved up from a garage sale). This year they also had some nice little Marian coloring cards from Illuminated Ink.


Suzanne Temple said...

Oh Alicia, this picture is just too too cute. My heart jumped when I saw it because I could have posted an almost identical picture of my Zachary wearing his hat and with his candy, too! Adorable. We may both need a nap this afternoon though.

Kristen Laurence said...

Positively precious!

Karen E. said...

Sooo cute!