Friday, November 30, 2007


Blech. I hate misunderstandings.

I was having a conversation with another homeschool mom the other day in which I was trying to explain that I didn't want to shelter my children *too* much because I believe that a certain amount of challenge and encounter with the world can have the effect of strengthening their faith where over-sheltering can sometimes have the opposite effect of what people expect (also, I'm trying to prepare them to be an influence in "the world" which certainly requires a degree of healthy acquaintance with "the world"). I'm pretty sure I didn't explain it very well.

I think she ended up thinking that I don't want my children to be "too holy" or "too religious".

Of course, I might have misunderstood.



Kristen Laurence said...

Oh yuck. I understand. That happens a lot by way of the internet too. Here's a virtual hug, just for you Alicia. ()

M.E. said...

This sounds like something that would happen to me, too! I'm always thinking back over conversations, wondering if something I said might have been terribly misunderstood. It's not a fun game. :-) But I'm sure the mom knows that you really do want your children to be holy -- especially if she knows you at all.

clairity said...

I keep thinking of this post you wrote. Maybe there's room for more exploration of the subject. It might be interesting to study the Pope's pedagogical teachings. This is a great question about how to educate children, and your concern for their engagement in the world is right. The Epistle to Diognetus is a testimony of how Christians lived in the world in a culture that was extremely hostile to the faith.

clairity said...

Sorry, an extra note to subscribe to follow-up.