Saturday, November 17, 2007

Library Tree Ornaments

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We printed out the ornaments for our Library's Holiday Tree today. Here they are on some of our bookshelves - approximately 60 books and movies of all sorts. In the book department there ended up being an emphasis on the "Sterling Point" books. For movies, we have a lot of "Building Big" and "NOVA: Secrets of Lost Empires". I'll try to share a complete list some time soon (no doubt you can make out some of the titles from the picture).

It's funny how this is feeling like a Like-Mother-Like Daughter project. Not only has Ria been helping me out on this project, but I've seen photos of a library project my mom helped out with before I was born. I believe it was a school library and a number of the titles looked familiar. Especially interesting to consider this year as there were some "North Star" books (the previous name of what is now called the "Sterling Point" series). :)

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