Thursday, October 04, 2007

Update on Andy Meier

Andy Meier
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You may or may not remember me blogging about Andy Meier - a man from our town gravely injured in bus crash near Medjugorje last June. Ria took this picture of him at the John Bosco Youth Day at Holy Hill last weekend. It was so exciting to hear how far he's come. Here's an update from his wife from their website:

Yesterday was the 7th annual John Bosco Youth Day at Holy Hill (Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians). 2000 kids were in attendance. Andy has played this event since it began and was supposed to play this year. We just didn't think it would happen. Fr. Don Brick and Tim Scanlan had made arrangements for Andy to be there, and Gregg Brunclik (Clearwing Productions) had the congas there and a ramp leading up to the stage. Martin Doman and his band had asked if Andy would be available to accompany them, but again, we just weren't sure. Well, Gregg called Andy on Thursday to confirm what equipment Andy would need, and things started to get exciting. It was decided he would play a song or two in the afternoon. We knew the whole day was out of the question, but the afternoon would be good. Fr. Don called to confirm the exact time we should arrive. So we get there, and WTMJ4 had a camara man there filming as we drove up. He asked Andy for a short interview and then several men came and whisked Andy away to the stage, where Tim was giving him a beautiful introduction which included part of the interview Andy did with Mike Jacobs. The crowd went crazy! Standing ovation- it was so moving. I saw lots of grown-ups with tears in their eyes. Andy was so emotional too. Me too. As Tim was talking, Andy grabbed the microphone and said the cheering crowd- "I know you're not clapping for me, but for God Who saved my life" (something like that)- it was really amazing. I can't even remember what song they played, but everyone was on their feet. It's so hard to describe all the emotion- euphoria, joy, gratitude- Andy was so happy to be doing what he loves to do- playing for Jesus! He was presented with a beautiful plaque that says "Give Praise with Crashing Cymbals" Ps 150:5 and included a great picture of Andy with Fr. Stan Fortuna after they played together last year. Andy ended up staying to play for Eucharistic Adoration and Mass- four hours! Needless to say, today he's pretty tired. This day was such a beautiful gift to our family. We had an opportunity to see him truly joyful for the first time since the accident. He's had happy moments, but this was so much more and so much deeper. Another consolation from God. We are so blessed. And the kids were so sweet! They lined up to meet him and talk to him- he was so humbled by it all. Tim said his goal was to get 2000 more intercessors for Andy- we have to keep praying! It's as important now as ever. Let's keep praying that God will heal Andy if it is His will! Let us praise God in all things! It's so easy when things are good, but sometimes hard to praise Him when things aren't so good.
Read the rest of the update (with a link to the news article) at (scroll down to "Kirby Conga is back").

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