Monday, October 22, 2007

Keep Praying

Some of the hardest hit by the fires in Southern California have to be the hospital patients who are being evacuated. I just heard that Pomerado Hospital in Poway, the hospital where our Gus was born, is being evacuated...
Patients at Pomerado Hospital and nursing homes in the San Diego suburb of Poway were being evacuated in ambulances and school buses, said Susan Knauss, a spokeswoman for the San Diego County sheriff.
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This hospital lies in the midst of a heaviliy populated suburban area - across from the Catholic parish we once belonged to and numerous nursing homes and such (which are also being evacuated).

Please pray especially for them and for the firefighters and other service personnel who are both facing danger and helping save people AND, in many cases, worried about their own families and homes as well.

Jimmy Akin points out that Catholic Answers (and staff) are in the area of concern.

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Joannof10 said...

We have prayed and will continue to pray for everyone effected by the fires.