Thursday, September 06, 2007

What Frank brought me this morning

...about a third full of cold water. (Notice the Folger's coffee "bag")Yumm!

Sometimes it really is the thought that counts (especially when you're three) - and this was a really sweet thought!


Andrea said...

That is so sweet and very cute!
~Andrea Lynch

arlawless said...

I agree with Andrea -- very cute!

We actually met the Lynches for dinner tonight and Andrea mentioned this story. I responded by saying that it reminds me of a story my mom loves to tell about one of my brothers when he was a small toddler (about two years old or maybe younger?):

My mom was sitting down, reading the newspaper or something like that, and my brother toddled in and handed her a cup of water. My mom said, "Oh, thank you very much!", drank the water, and handed the cup back to him. He toddled away, came back and handed her another cup of water. Again, Mom said, "Oh, thank you." This happened a few times, and finally my mom put down her paper and thought to herself, "Wait a minute... where's he getting this water from?" She got up and proceeded to follow my brother into the bathroom.

And yes... he was scooping the water out of the...

Oy! :-)

Love2Learn Mom said...

Andrea - it's great to see you here!

A.R. - Yuuuuccckk!!! LOL

Alice Gunther said...

Looks like the kind of hospitality you received from me in San Francisco!


Actually, I take that back--I didn't manage to come up with the coffee bag!