Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New School Year... Friendship with the Saints

I've realized that my work on the Love2learn Moments for Relevant Radio (currently playing only in the Milwaukee market, I believe) has forced a cut-back in some of the "substantial" content on Studeo just a bit. And so, I've decided to start cross-posting those pieces here as well. Here's #25 (if you're interested in reading the earlier ones, please click here - you can even hear a couple of the audio files on the Relevant Radio site)...

Among the saints children will find friends of every personality, description and race - warriors, princesses, scholars, entertainers and much more. Some had amazing adventures and earned renown through the whole world, others lived quiet lives but handed down great works to future generations. And perhaps the greatest thing is that their help is available just for the asking.

Bishop Robert Finn said: "Ask God to give you the fervor of St. Albert the Great for science, the joy of St. Cecilia in your music, the diligence of Jerome for translating, and the clarity of St. John in writing. Run and play with St. Don Bosco, debate and persuade with St. Catherine, and fish with Peter himself.

Holy Mary, who taught our Lord...in the school of Nazareth, accompany us on our new school year. St. Joseph, headmaster and guide for the boy Jesus, lead us on a sure and safe path to Him."

By the way, I found this lovely quote awhile back on my friend Ana's blog.

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Christine said...

We use Bishop Finn's wise words as a prayer almost every morning.