Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Example of that Balance Thing...Or Lack Thereof

Just happened upon this quote last night from Salt of the Earth by Cardinal Ratzinger (another book that's taking me a long time to finish, but that I'm enjoying very much)...

You are right. There has been a collapse even of simple religious information. This naturally forces us to ask: What is our catechesis doing? What is our school system doing at a time when religious instruction is widespread? I think that it was an error not to pass on more content. Our religion instructors rightly repudiated the idea that religious instruction is only information, and they rightly said that it is something else, that it is more, that the point is to learn life itself, that more has to be conveyed. But that led to the attempt to make people like this style of life, while information and content were neglected.

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Christine said...

Excellent point!