Friday, August 10, 2007

Me Too!

Danielle's discussing chore charts. I find myself in a very similar boat, except that I've tried a lot less in the way of chore charts than she has (perhaps I just tend to give up faster!). About as organized as it goes is that there are generally some major jobs that are generally assigned to particular kids.

Why is that so many moms feel guilty for taking some things as they come instead of having it all charted out ahead of time - especially if that's the option that works best for them? It reminds me of a Chesterton quote - something to do with the military - but I can't quite remember how it goes. Maybe I'll remember later.

Check out the discussion here.

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Christine said...

I was so happy to read Danielle's post and now yours. I didn't grow up with chore charts and we don't use chore charts with our family.