Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Since I ask so frequently for prayers for my friend Katrina (and because she really needs and appreciates them), I've decided to add one of those side-bar picture-things to provide a continuous prayer request for Katrina. Katrina amazes me. She's brave, filled with faith and at peace with God (and credits prayer for all of those!). I'm looking forward to visiting her later this month and giving her a special gift that seems to have come into my hands just for her.

She recently asked me, "Will you fast for me?" Wow, that's a tall order. But I'll try.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

I will pray for Katrina.

PS. Your new photo is just lovely, Alicia. Truth be told, I've liked all of them, and am never disappointed when you change.

Christine said...

I am continuing to pray for Katrina. I am happy to see the photo in your sidebar, as it will serve as a reminder to me.

P.S. My sentiments echo Margaret's regarding your photo and previous photos.

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thanks for the prayers - and I'm glad you like the photos. One of my favorite parts about this one is how much "oomph" Kate manages to get out of the "1-2-3 Whee" game. :)

Anonymous said...

I have her on my master prayer list.

Which reminds me I have to put your gang on there too, though you are included in the "bloggers"... (Now where did I put my magic decoder ring? Hee hee)

I still have the intention of all who blogg every Monday (it says so on my own blogg!)

St. Rita & St. Gregory & St. Catherine & St. Ignatius pray for Katrina!

Mary Help of Christians, pray for Katrina!

--Dr. Thursday

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

Mrs. Bear said...

I will pray for Katrina.