Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Gus!

12 years ago tonight, I gave birth to our first son. He gave us quite a bit of a scare as he was born with the cord around his neck - all limp and white and quiet. He pulled through beautifully, though and we are very blessed.

Today Gus enjoyed a new football, a set of Star Wars legos (I can't imagine why!), along with plenty of pizza, brownies and ice cream and a big game of Uno, which he won. An Amazon package which should be arriving soon carries another present that he requested - his very own "real" Bible.

He'll be heading to the Milwaukee Public Museum with some friends this weekend. We do seem to milk our season passes for all they're worth. :)


Christine said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Our first son was born with the cord around his neck too...I am very thankful he is with us today.

Suzanne Temple said...

Happy Birthday, Gus!

arlawless said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Gus!

Sounds like a delightful celebration. :-)

Uncle Stephen, Aunt Molly & Emily