Wednesday, June 13, 2007


We're going to be doing a bit of driving around in the near future. See some sights, visit friends, spend a lot of time in the car with kids. :)

I expect to see a number of internet friends I've never met in person before, like Dr. Thursday, Minnesota Mom, Suchi as well as old friends I get to see once in a blue moon, like Ana, Mary and Nutmeg. I'm sure there are others too and I'm not even sure exactly who we'll run into at the Chesterton Conference.

Prayers would be appreciated for a safe trip.

In the meantime, would you please keep Andy, Katrina, Donna-Marie's daughter and all those affected by the moonsoon in Bangladesh in your prayers.

I may or may not get some blogging in on the road.

Happy Feast of St. Anthony!

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Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...


Thank you so very much for your prayers for my daughter, Jessica and for putting out the word for prayer. You are the BEST! Jessica is fine! Thank you, dear Jesus! I just heard from Jessica by email. Please continue to pray for the victims and their families of the monsoon.

God bless you!