Monday, June 11, 2007

Prayer Request

Earlier today, a pilgrimage bus on its way to visit Medjugorje was hit by a semi and crashed into a ravine (in a heavy rainstorm). The bus rolled over a number of times and landed in a river. No deaths (which sounds practically miraculous given the circumstances!), but a lot of people injured and hospitalized. Many of the people are from our local parish. (I just heard from a friend whose sister was on the bus.)

UPDATE: I just found a news article on the accident

UPDATE #2: There are also a number of families (including some children) from a small parent-run school near us who were on this pilgrimage.

Please pray for all involved! We know of at least one man who is critically injured. He was traveling with his wife and three children. It sounds like a very tough situation and his injuries are still considered life-threatening.


Margaret Mary Myers said...

Will be praying for them all in the coming days.

Christine said...

I am praying for everyone involved in the accident.