Monday, June 04, 2007

More on Hilda Van Stockum and Maria Montessori (up from the comments box)

John Tepper Marlin (Hilda Van Stockum's Son) shares more about his mother's connections to Maria Montessori in the comments to this post.

Hi John and Alicia and family - Thanks for posting about "A Day on Skates" - I agree it is a great new edition, especially with the bio at the end. But I am biased - the author is my Mom. I am posting to say that my grandmother also was a Montessori follower and both she (Olga Boissevain van Stockum) and my Mom met Maria Montessori during their studies. My sister Sheila is the founder of a dozen Montessori schools in the UK and several of her children are Montessori teachers. Their children make the fifth generation of Montessori followers. John Tepper Marlin
Thanks for your comment, John! Always delighted to learn more about your amazing mother. :)

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