Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Father's Day across Minnesota

We had a lovely brunch with our hosts the Maks and the Dalys on Sunday morning followed by a visit to the very interesting Science Museum of Minnesota (so nice that they have a reciprocal policy with the Milwaukee Public Museum!). We all arrived in Sioux Falls in time for a wonderful dinner with Ana and family. They had recently returned from Rapid City and the Badlands and were able to provide us with a wonderful introduction to the geology of South Dakota. (It also helped that the Dalys lent us their copy of Roadside Geology of South Dakota). Following this up with a tour of the USGS EROS site upon our return from the west side of the state (more about that in a separate post) really made for an educational experience in that direction.

We stayed a couple of lovely nights with the Dalys who provided lots of trampoline time for the littles during the day and some fabulous star-gazing from the same location for the teens and moms at night!

I am so grateful for the amazing team of people who have stepped up to the plate to help out on our love2learn project. To me it is truly a sign that we are cooperating with God in this endeavor. This is what particularly struck me at this point of our trip.

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