Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Classical Music Options

My sister just sent me some online classical music options to console our loss (I have to admit it was rather depressing to go into the kids room early this morning - they had put on the classical station to go to sleep to - and hear Aretha Franklin instead. I have nothing against Aretha Franklin and in fact have very eclectic musical tastes - but the loss of this station is just plain sad.)

Anyway here are some great online offerings courtesy of my sister (thanks!)...

KDFC listen online

Symphony broadcasts

SF Opera

Daily programming

Make a request

Listener selected top 100 pieces:

By the way, I'm working on sorting out all of our pictures on flickr and will post on them here pretty soon. You can take a peek here for now. There's a lot of deleting to be done too along the way. We had two cameras with us and the kids took tons of shots, but I don't want to overload our flickr site for now. :)

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