Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

We joined our hometown for what my kids have always called a "quiet parade" to the local cemetery with speeches, gun salutes and fly-overs. It was simple, but beautiful and a helpful way for the kids to honor those who fought and died for our country.

A young boy fainted during the ceremony - right around the time of the gun salute. The EMTs (who were conveniently nearby) brought him over to the shade right next to our family. Poor Frank was quite confused by this - especially after brief explanations of Memorial Day. "Why did he get killed?" he asked. I reassured him, that no, he didn't get killed, he was just too hot. "Why did he get shot?" Frank persisted.

Our prayers today are especially with the fallen, with those who are still hurting or missing loved ones and all who are impacted by war.


Karen E. said...

Poor Frank! And, poor little boy ... hope he's doing okay.

Love2Learn Mom said...

The boy walked off fine by the end of the ceremony (they really should have all the official seats - I think he was one of the Boy Scouts - in the shade!).

Suzanne Temple said...

Poor kid! I can understand Frank's confusion.

Love2Learn Mom said...

You know, looking back, I think he really didn't understand what those words meant, because he didn't seem distressed, just concerned.