Thursday, May 31, 2007


We're watching the National Spelling Bee on ABC right now and boy is it exciting! "Our" one student from Wisconsin - and the only girl left - is awesome (epaulement is the word she just spelled - I can often guess the Latin and German ones, but I have no clue when it comes to French)! We're having lots of fun here trying to guess how to spell the words and cheering everyone on. I lost track of whether there are any homeschoolers left or not.


arlawless said...

I wish we had been watching two years ago when the Poway boy won. We would've been cheering our hearts out! :-)

I managed to be the sixth grade champion at my elementary school, but lost the school championship to a fifth grader. My word was pendulum. I can't even remember how I spelled it (or, rather, misspelled it!). The boy who beat me won with dictionary. I was so frustrated 'cause I thought that was such an easy word!

I heard another California boy won yesterday. Yay!

Suzanne Temple said...

The boy from CT was in our homeschooling group a few years back! We're proud as can be!