Thursday, April 19, 2007

What we were doing two years ago...

My Children and the Papal Conclave

These events were so memorable that they still come up in conversation rather frequently. It doesn't hurt that we met some friends (who participate in our weekly catechism discussions now) at that Mass. The part I didn't get around to writing in that old post is that there was another family standing in that nook when we first arrived. I vaguely recognized the mom as someone I had met at the homeschool conference that weekend. I signaled to them that they could come to the oratory with us and they were very grateful (they also had a little one in tow as well as some older children - though the whole family wasn't there). We chatted a little after Mass and realized they had some children with similar ages and interests (they had just moved to the area from Arizona). There was something about sharing that day and that Mass with them that was very special and moving. Like there was some definitely some providential power at work in our lives - more clearly present than usual? We went home with huge smiles on our faces and filled with gratitude - for everything.

Viva il Papa!

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