Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Praise of Cheap Kites

Kate's Kite
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The four middle kids were thrilled to get kites for Easter! These were very inexpensive kites found at our wonderful local hobby shop. I was seriously doubting the wisdom of this purchase, however, when I found my husband, duct tape in hand, patching up several kites only a few moments after they had been taken outside.

I took only a small period of observation to discover that it probably wasn't so much the kites - it was the kids. (Glad I didn't spent too much on those kites!) Kate, in particular, has a remarkable talent for kite demolition. She pulls it around by the string, indoors, outdoors and through-the-doors(ways). I'd need sound-effects to adequately describe the experience of watching this, but the picture tells all.

Kate is thoroughly delighted with her kite and convinced that it's better and flies higher than any of the other kites (she always explains this in the sweetest way too). Truth be told, she loves running around the yard with an odd collection of colorful plastic and broken sticks behind her.

Frank had similar success with his styrofoam airplane which has only very recently seen much better days. The first time out the door - *whack* - half of the tail broke off. Fortunately, it flew well even without half the tail. John managed some huge loops with it. Alas, it's high flying days are now over as it is wingless and tailless. Sigh. :)

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Matilda said...

The best kites we have had as far as ease of flying and durability were found at Wal-mart and cost about a buck each!