Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Frankly Speaking: Easter Week Edition

While watching Ria work on her Latin homework (we're mostly taking the week off, but she's a little behind for her next class)...

"That eraser? You erase things? You erase the bad words?"

With remote control in hand (but Easter candy on the brain):

"Can I watch something yummy upstairs?"


Margaret Mary Myers said...

If you have time, please email me privately at I would like to ask you a question, but can't find an email address for you anywhere. :) Thanks!
Margaret Mary Myers

Kristen Laurence said...

So cute!

Alicia, is that a photograph of you and your little ones I'm seeing? What a beautiful picture!! I love how it captures the love of a mother and the wonder of children in their homeschool. Perfect.

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thanks Kristen. I love that picture even though it's a few years old already.