Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thankfulness Thursday

Sometimes we need these more in March than November. Yes, the snow and the cold are getting just a little old. These pictures were taken yesterday along the path from the back door to the driveway. The railing is on the deck - it's hard to believe there are three steps down at that spot. We kind of gave up clearing the back path for awhile and focused on keeping the driveway clear. John still uses this path every morning - those footprints have gotten a lot of use!

So, here's what I'm thankful for this week...

Sore throat "lollipops". These are easy for little guys to handle (with much less risk of choking than a cough drop!).

Kleenex with Aloe

Thumbnails! I cut my thumb this week and just had to have it taped, but it was clearly my thumbnail that saved me from a much more severe cut.

My mother-in-law's sweet little car I got to use part of the time while she went away for a good chunk of the winter. Parking lots are suddenly a breeze!

Cheap cellphones. Got mine at Target for $20 (+ pay by the minute).


Sunny days that help clear sidewalk, windshield and roof even when it's bitterly cold.

DVD players - especially when the kids are sick.

Ignatius Press Lenten Sale.

Getting a fun project to work on to beat the late-winter blahs. The kids and I are currently doing an architecture unit study in order to write one up for the summer issue of Heart-and-Mind. (and for a local library that had plenty of material to supplement!)


Suzanne Temple said...

This is a wonderful list, Alicia. I've been feeling the same way about winter and even thought good dose of gratitude might help me through it. I didn't know about the sore throat pops. What a great idea.

Kristen Laurence said...

Seems we have the same cell phone. I love mine too, for the same reasons!

Karen E. said...

Ditto on the cell phones. :-)

And, what a lovely and uplifting post on a gray day.

Love2Learn Mom said...

Funny about the cell phones - I only wish I had known earlier! :)