Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dividing is Multiplying

at least in Frank's little world.

Kate came in early this morning to bring me a doll for the poor. We've been doing a little spring cleaning (good timing for the Easter Seals truck to come by) and I've been very impressed with her generosity. (She brought me two last night as well - she HAS collected a lot of dolls, being the 4th girl in the family!)

So Frank groggily woke up to tell me that he didn't want to give his "outfit" to the poor. He was wearing a fuzzy bright blue sleeper with a big brown dog across the front. I asked him about it and he explained further... "If you zip it down, you have two dogs."

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Suzanne Temple said...

Alicia, I just love your Frank! He is so completely adorable.