Monday, March 26, 2007

Another Prayer Request from Katrina

Please pray again (continue to pray!) for my friend Katrina - she and I were best friends since our homeschool days back in the 80s. She's just in her upper thirties, has three young children and has been suffering from a debilitating disease for a number of years now. Several previous diagnoses seem to have been incorrect - including Lou Gehrig's disease, but she's stumped all the doctors so far. She gave me permission to share this with you.

Hello All,

I have some news to tell you!

Mayo Clinic in Arizona has agreed to see me! They won't make an appointment with you unless they think there is some chance they can HELP you!!!! So I had to do an interview with them over the phone, send them an email of my last 5 years, and then they put my case in front of a board and talked it over for the last week and a half. They decided to let me come May 15th. The bad thing is that they don't accept my insurance nor would my neurologist be backing me up to see them anyways since he thinks he did all he could for me. It's in the nick of time because the disease is moving to my upper body. I have the same nerve twitching, nerves short circuiting and dying, that I had when my legs went. It's in my neck, near my heart, arms, and torso so it's been really worrying me and keeping me up at night. We are going to drive out to save on airfare and rental car. It should only take 11 hours blah.. I get carsick big time.. but it's the better way since we have the wheelchair, walker, etc.. and since we won't have the plane ticket then if we have to stay more than a week then we don't have to worry about anything. I did try to see them earlier because I feel like I will be worse waiting a month and a half but there are no cancellations and everyone seeing them is in need so my case isn't any emergency compared to theirs. :) We are just trying to figure out the big stuff but please pray they can help me.. to figure out something because it is progressing and I am worried for myself.. hate to sound needy but prayers really are working for me :)

Take care, Katrina

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