Sunday, March 25, 2007

Announcing: Love2learn Moments on Catholic Radio

After many months of uncertainty, I've been told by people-who-should know that my "Love2learn Moments" - one minute spots on Relevant Radio on topics relating to family life and education (especially for homeschoolers, though many topics would apply more broadly) - will begin airing tomorrow. I don't know a lot about how these things work, but I believe this is starting out just in the Milwaukee area market. Each "moment" will air four times a day for a week before switching to a new one. I think that if you have Relevant Radio in your area, you can contact them to request this piece. Prayers are appreciated as we fully embrace this new endeavour. You can visit the Love2learn Moments blog here.


Willa said...

The new blog looks really good. Thanks for sharing.

arlawless said...

Wow! How exciting! Wish I could tune in.

Let us know how it all turns out!

(I'm sure the L. Group would love to hear the news, too. :-)

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thanks! They have streaming audio available here but I don't know what time it's on or anything. My friend Mary said she heard it on her car radio this afternoon. I'll try to post something to the L group soon. :)