Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wisconsin JCL Latin Convention

Wisconsin JCL Latin Convention
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The Latin convention was a lot of fun - inspiring, educational and a very living way of celebrating a "dead" language. There were 450 students representing 15 schools.

Since this was the first year to computerize all the results of written tests, artistic contests and other forms of fun and competition, there were only limited results available at the close of the convention.

What we do know is that the Greater Milwaukee Catholic Home Educators (with the smallest delegation of the entire convention - featuring just four students - and the only homeschool group in attendance):

- Won the spirit award in the small schools division (what is that myth about homeschoolers and socialization?).

- Took first in the "War Machines" contest with our Roman-style "navis oneraria" (a supply ship) model built of tinfoil. It held SEVENTEEN DOLLARS in pennies!

We eagerly await further results and look forward to bringing a larger delegation next year.

More photos here

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