Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Milwaukee Homeschool Conference

We're really looking forward to the Celebrate the Faith Homeschool Conference in Milwaukee coming up at the end of April. All the details are now available at the GMCHE website. Great job on the website M.E. (not to be confused with "me" LOL)!

We're also thrilled that a certain mom and baby will be coming to stay with us for the conference. (The kids are particularly excited about meeting little Maria - we haven't had an infant around in too long. Kate keeps asking when they'll be coming - it's a long time to wait for a 5 year old!)


Suzanne Temple said...

Oooo. That is exciting.

Anonymous said...

We're looking forward to it Alicia!

Mary Eileen said...

I am so excited about this conference, too! It's probably going to feel sort of like a big family reunion... which shouldn't be surprising, I suppose. (And thanks for the kudos on the website!)

-- "M.E."