Thursday, December 21, 2006

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree
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We tend to manage something more like "endearing" than "spectacular" - but I love every bit of it.

Frank is completely in love with the Christmas tree - and it shows (particularly with the beads - I can never seem to get it back to its original shape once it starts getting tangled). He takes me by the hand and brings me into the room with the tree to point out matching (or almost-matching) ornaments. This morning I found about a dozen pieces from a flashlight that he took apart - all in the corner behind the tree (but no ornaments down, amazingly enough).

Bernie and Kate each had different ideas about what to put on top - it ended up working out pretty well to do both - Bernie's homemade angel (from several Christmasses ago) AND the shiny star tree-topper.

I went to look for some fabric to put around the base of the tree (the tree is resting on a big piece of plywood that REALLY needed covering) and found this pretty material from a rummage sale. It didn't make it all the way around, but I discovered that I had two matching pillow covers in the same material that fit rather nicely around the back of the tree, ruffled edges and all. :)

I'm sure I'll have the "perfect" tree someday when the children are all grown, but I can't imagine it being as perfect as this.


Suzanne Temple said...

I love your tree and those windows! They must give you so much natural light.

Christine said...

Your tree is beautiful!

Kristen Laurence said...

I find things in life that are less "perfect" are those that bring us the most joy! But that tree looks perfect to me!! Merry Christmas!

Karen E. said...

That kind of tree (ours, too, is more endearing than spectacular) is surely its own kind of perfect. :-)