Monday, December 18, 2006

O Christmas Tree

A few random thoughts...

I am extremely fond of unbreakable Christmas tree ornaments. (go figure)

We bought our Christmas tree yesterday and got the lights and bulbs up last night. Gus and I decided to sneak some candy canes in the upper branches of the tree this morning before Frank woke up - somehow (delusionally) thinking that maybe he wouldn't notice them.


The very first thing he said when he came downstairs was, "Can I have a candy cane?" (translated into Frank-speak - he's not quite that articulate yet - it sounds more like "Tan I have tanny tane?")

It is now up and I'm quite happy with it. Gus took a picture - I'll try to post it later.

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Kristen Laurence said...

How sweet. Before children I aquired several "breakable" ornaments, which, after children, are now BROKEN! I don't miss them though.