Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Saint Lucy's Day!

Saint Lucy's Day Bun
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John and I were most pleasantly awakened at 6:45 (not 3 am) this morning by three children bearing St. Lucy's Day buns and homemade hot cocoa. Ria, Gus and Terri shared a "picnic" with us on our bed. How delightful!

Terri (who's almost 9) really outdid herself - these were gorgeous and perfectly beautiful buns and she made them with virtually no help (Gus helped shape them a little and I measured the saffron). She used the recipe from the Kirsten American Girl cookbook.

By the way, yes, this was the first time we've revisited this tradition since Ria's famous episode when she was quite small.

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Alice said...

What a perfect morning--and a great accomplishment by your nine year old.