Friday, November 03, 2006

Refuting the Attack on Mary and the Simpsons

We're studying Refuting the Attack on Mary by Father Mateo (published by Catholic Answers) for tonight's teen discussion. The book is responding to The Christian Research Journals attacks on Catholic belief regarding Mary.

One particular segment could have inspired the Simpsons' Heaven spoof that follows...

Now we come to the blunt accusation that Catholics are sinners and idolaters because of our devotion to Mary...John de Satge - much of whose work I admire - also mourns "the impression which Anglo-Saxons gain from visits to Catholic churches during holidays in Latin countries or in Ireland." As CRI complains of our "excessive devotion," de Satge winces at our "debased devotion" in paintings, hymns, and prayers, which he suggests are "sentimental."...On the whole, I would say to you, that if Latin sentiment seems treacly sentimentality to you, that is your problem. It is not ours. I believe that Protestantism itself unavoidably shows its Northern European origins. We can respect these, but dourness and a stiff upper lip are simply not our Catholic style. Why should they be? To supercilious and racist remarks about the Catholic Irish and the Catholic peoples of Southern Europe and Latin America, I say, give me a break!

Link to video here (takes too long to load otherwise)


Love2Learn Mom said...

hat-tip to the Curt Jester

Suzanne Temple said...

This is hilarious!!