Monday, November 20, 2006

Interesting Tidbits from ALL Over

(some of these I really had to dig for since Bloglines has been on the fritz)

St. Peter Claver Latin School for Boys (Amy Welborn)

Carnival of Little Feet (Babylove)

Learning Patience the Hard Way (Danielle Bean)

Minnesota Mom's Rule of Six

"Entertaining Angels" by Suzanne Temple (I know, this one's already been out for a few days, but it's a winner and, besides, Ria hasn't read it yet.

This sort of falls under "thankfulness" too - especially during Thanksgiving week - and that's everyone's favorite Catholic homeschooling cranberry farmers. :) Here's a neat picture of the farming process. Jen's Cranberry Pecan Pie recipe looks fabulous!

It's going to be an interesting, but busy week. After the Library Holiday Tree is done, our Thanksgiving preparations involve bundling everyone up in our mega-van for a drive across Wisconsin to my sister's house. Kind of like Little House in the Big Woods, only different.

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