Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Snow! [updated]

I have a new nephew born today!
In other news, we got snow! Sticking to the deck already - unbelievable! We were outside in shorts just two days ago.


arlawless said...

SNOW??! Wow!! What fun. :-)

We're off to Boston on Friday (and will swing by NYC Monday & Tuesday). I wonder if we'll get any of the white stuff while we're there. (I doubt it, but I hear they're getting a bunch of wet stuff lately.)

You haven't seen pictures of our new nephew yet?? It's 2 a.m. my time (I know, I really do need to go to bed!), and I just looked on Flickr. Guess what? He's there!!

Enjoy the powder. Were the kids excited? I bet they were playing in it. I know I woulda been. ;-)

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thanks! The pictures weren't up when I went to bed last night. Most of the kids haven't seen the snow yet since it was falling during the night - Ria and Gus are up now, though and I'm thinking that deck snow is a goner within the next hour. :)

Have a great trip! Sounds like fun! We're hoping to make a road trip out that direction one of these years.

Suzanne Temple said...

Beautiful baby!