Friday, October 20, 2006

The God in the Cave - Part IV

I love his use of the word "conceived" here (he's still speaking of the Wise Men - especially as representatives of philosophy and of other cultures)...

These learned men would still have the right to say, or rather a new right to say that there was truth in their old teaching. But after all these learned men would have come to learn. They would have come to complete their conceptions with something they had not yet conceived; even to balance their imperfect universe with something they might once have contradicted. Buddha would have come from his impersonal paradise to worship a person. Confucius would have come from his temples of ancestor-worship to worship a child.

We must grasp from the first this character in the new cosmos; that it was larger than the old cosmos. In that sense Christendom is larger than creation; as creation had been before Christ. It included things that had not been there; it also included the things that had been there...The Church contains what the world does not contain.

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