Monday, October 23, 2006

CCD and Saint Stories

I have a friend who teaches 8th grade CCD. After being surprised and somewhat dismayed at their lack of knowledge and understanding of the faith (most of them didn't know the Hail Mary and didn't attend Sunday Mass) she found something that caught their interest (and serves as an occasion to answer questions as they come up in their natural setting). The kids got very interested in the idea of celebrating patron saints and finding out about their saints. A secondary challenge occured, though, since many weren't named after saints, so she came up with the idea of looking for the saint's day that fell on their birthday.

Anyway, one of the first saints she read about was Saint Wenceslaus who had many family members strongly opposed to his religious beliefs (which was complicated by political situations) and was murdered by his brother.

After hearing the story, one of the boys blurted out "Man! That's worse than Desperate Housewives!"

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