Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The New "Map Guys"

The new Map Guys blog is finally up and running here. "Ike" is a friend of Gus' who became interested in geography partly because of Gus' enthusiasm. His friend "GeoGuy" is the "heavyweight" in the field. He's won his local geography bee twice and both times qualified to participate in the South Dakota state bee. Go guys!

Incidentally, Ria and Gilbertgirl will be doing a lot of their religion studies online here. They'll be tackling the Catechism of the Catholic Church, much of the Bible and supplementary reading over the next four years. Blogs (with lots of adult supervision) can be a great way for young people to work on studies together. I think Gilbertgirl's Mom will be joining us there as well. She and I look forward to learning a lot in the process as well.

It's been a busy fall so far!

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