Saturday, September 23, 2006


John and I were browsing through the magazine section at Barnes and Noble yesterday. It's a neat place to get a look at some interesting magazines and sample a few of interest (and there are some that I enjoy reading once in awhile, but really wouldn't keep up on a subscription). We came home with four: First Things, Discover: Science, Technology and the Future, Night Sky: Astronomy for Everyone and Bon Appetit.

John already made off with First Things (to Taiwan, no less), but I've been happily thumbing through the others. I'm particularly impressed with Night Sky. It's content rich, but easy to understand; attractive and quite family-friendly. After our negative experience with Popular Science (good content, but I really don't appreciate the numerous male-enhancement and related ads when it's my 11 year old son who likes to read it, argh!) it was refreshing to see that all of the ads in this case actually related to the subject matter - telescopes, astronomy software, etc. Each issue covers two months and includes full sky charts for each month. I've had some success with online pages and with the H.A. Rey star books (which I love!), but having tailored charts that include the planets is really nice!

Other articles highlight specific constellations, night-sky photography, binocular and telescope tips, etc.

I haven't read through all the articles (by any means) and this is the only issue I've seen so far. Anyone else familiar with this magazine?

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