Monday, August 14, 2006

1928 Joan of Arc Movie

I just saw the 1928 French Silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc last night. It's beautiful: amazing and powerful. Suitable for teens (certainly acceptable for anyone mature enough to watch the Passion of the Christ).

Some discussion is recommended on the historical position of the Church's relationship with Joan of Arc and the intentions of the filmmaker who, focusing on Joan's trial and death, might be viewed as having some degree of an agenda. It would also be fair to remember the controversies surrounding the Passion of the Christ for providing a similar focus.

I've almost finished going through the film a second time with the commentary which has been very interesting and helpful so far. I love how this Danish film expert refers to her in the familiar French/Danish Jeanne (sounds like Shen) in this English commentary.

The Passion of Joan of Arc was listed on the Vatican list of best films.

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