Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Never a Dull Moment

Electroblogster's on a business trip.

Ria's on retreat.

This morning we enjoyed our first zucchini out of Gus' garden (which was fried in butter just moments after it was picked - and thoroughly enjoyed by all - even though it was about six inches long, an inch and a half wide and divided between six people .... sure to be the first of many, though). This is really our first productive vegetable garden (we made one noble attempt at our old house, but it didn't turn out very well) so the kids are really excited. I'm really enjoying their enthusiasm.

Kate is sporting a beautiful bright pink long arm cast as of this afternoon. She and Bernie had to pop into my room numerous times tonight (as I attempted to get Frank to sleep) to ascertain, with absolute certitude, the number of bones that were broken (the answer is two).

The kids thought it was all pretty exciting. Kate's wrist didn't hurt much after the first 20 or 30 minutes (from which time, however, it was clear that we should check it out - even though she seemed better soon after). She was beaming by the time we got to the doctor's office (the Motrin also helped). We ended up with all kinds of kid-pleasing fast food (boy were we hungry) on the way from our regular doctor's office to the clinic with the orthopedic guy (Bernie, Terri and Gus had a lovely little Quizno's picnic on the floor of the waiting room) . AND since I promised frozen custard if Kate was good at the doctor's (she was angelic), we had to pick up a tub on the way home. AND since Kate's supposed to take it easy for a few days, we dropped by the library and let her pick out a bunch of movies. AND, as the bone doctor teased, he would break his arm any day for a cast that pretty. :)

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clairity said...

I wish I could remember which kid that was. Hope my niece feels better soon. ;)