Monday, June 05, 2006

Minnesota Catholic Homeschool Conference

The Minnesota Conference was terrific. What an outpouring of camraderie and faithfulness. The campus (University of St. Thomas) is beautiful (can't wait to go back for the Chesterton conference) and the atmosphere was loving and encouraging. With well over 1100 attendees, it was an amazing and beautiful place to be in many ways. I always love attending Mass at homeschool conferences. Everyone sings, there are babies everywhere and a great sense of faithfulness and unity.

Lots of people took advantage of the dorms for staying over on Friday night. It was a relaxed and fun atmosphere for conversation, meeting old and new friends and encouraging one another. The five story building we stayed in was filled with families and friends having their little gatherings and parties, but sharing SO much in common.

Our group (included Ria, my friend Mary Z. and two of her children) ended up in the room next to one of my review board members! Ana is not only intelligent and thoughtful, which I knew from our online friendship, but funny and very outgoing. I came upstairs from going over my conference notes in the deserted lounge, around midnight, to find the two teens entertaining this delightful group of ladies from South Dakota with violin and Irish dance. :)

I also got to see my former classmate from TAC, Margot Davidson, for the first time in about 15 years. The publishing business is tough, but she's working very diligently to put out some beautiful material. Reminiscing with her was a lot of fun.

Ria and I had a nice conversation with Chesterton impersonator Chuck Chalberg and his wife (I didn't realize it until he introduced himself as Chesterton, that I was sitting next to them at the speaker's banquet - he looks a lot different without the costume!) and we look forward to seeing them again at the Chesterton Conference in a few weeks.

Many kudos to the conference organizers and all their terrific help!

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