Wednesday, May 03, 2006


This morning I was at the dentist and decided to park in the nearby library parking lot (our huge van is such a pain in other nearby parking lots) and walk over. Since I had received one of those dreaded letters from the library last weekend (that we had a library book we failed to return) and had looked all over the house for it and suspected that we actually returned it, I stumbled into the library after my 1 1/2 hours of dental work, numbed up and rather groggy from being completely engrossed in an episode of E.R. on the tv glasses, and looked up Sahara: Vanishing Cultures in the card catalog. Armed with the dewey decimal number, my heart pounding, I made my way with great anticipation over to the 966's - the geography books. I began scanning shelf after shelf until...there it was - sitting innocently amongst the other books on Africa - the long-sought-after book. I brought it to the front desk, ecstatic with joy and breathlessly (and a little numbly) explained what happened. All was well after just a few clicks on the keyboard, but I wonder if she thought I was gloating with the big silly grin on my face.

I'm happy to report that, out of three dreaded letters I've received in all the years we've been going to this library, two of them have been mistakes on the part of the library. The other was, most definitely, our own fault.

By the way, we're feeling quite a bit better now. Thanks so much for the prayers!

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