Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Conference Notes

Well, I could go on endlessly trying to polish these up, but they'll have to do for now. :)

It's difficult to crunch so many stories and experiences and ideas into one outline. So many words and phrases conjure up whole stories or pictures or conversations or experiences to me. It looks so - barren here (although I love all the quotations). But maybe the outline format is appropriate since each family will be working to paint in their own unique details and writing their own stories.

Here is the "handout" for my beginning homeschooling talk at the Minnesota Catholic Homeschool Conference, on Saturday, June 3

"Catholic Homeschooling: Where to Begin? What to do? How to do it? A Guide for the Overwhelmed"
"Homework Packet"
Recommended Reading
Catholic Suppliers
Catholic Homeschool Programs
Quotes to Ponder on Children and Education
25 Ways to Inspire a Love of Learning in Your Children

Ria and I will both be there, working at the "love2learn" table. Please stop by and say hello if you'll be attending. Prayers would be appreciated for all those traveling to and from the conference.

By the way, I plan to eventually post my notes on the high school talk as well, but I'm not exactly sure when that will happen. They aren't as extensive as the general homeschool talk.

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