Monday, May 22, 2006

Chesterton on Hobbits

I'm reading Heretics right now and couldn't resist...

It is the humble man who does the big things. It is the humble man who does the bold things. It is the humble man who has the sensational sights vouchsafed to him, and this for three obvious reasons: first, that he strains his eyes more than any other men to see them; second, that he is more overwhelmed and uplifted with them when they come; third, that he records them more exactly and sincerely and with less adulteration from his more commonplace and more conceited everyday self. Adventures are to those to whom they are most unexpected - that is, most romantic. Adventures are to the shy: in this sense adventures are to the unadventurous. (Heretics, CW1 pg. 74)

On a related note, UK Bookworm wrote a post (admittedly a little while back) titled "Are you a hobbit?" in which she cites G.K. Chesterton as the ultimate hobbit. :)

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