Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ancient Roman Charades

We had a delightful Easter week co-op yesterday as explained so nicely by Ria. My friend Mary Z. and I had the distinct privilege of spectating at the Ancient Roman Charades (described at the link above) put on by our three co-op Latin classes (ages ranged from 10-18 in all, Gus being the youngest in the group). The other moms were busy with their classes and we should have had the foresight to bring a video camera! The amount of creativity and knowledge astounded us. Some of these kids know far more than their moms and co-op teachers (the older kids have graduated to a, ahem, "real" teacher, however). The experience served to remind me that some of the most important academic roles for us teacher-moms are "opening doors" and "lighting sparks".

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